Drift Surfing Magazine

Drift Surfing is the new incarnation of a British surfing magazine started in 2006. Now exclusively online, the idea is to create an open venue for shared creative output, focusing on what’s happening both in and out of the water. It sought out the perspectives of innovators, instigators, inventors and icons in hopes of gaining a broader perspective on the continually changing culture surrounding surfing.

The magazine showcases a large, global following, and publishes content in blog and feature format. The title was founded by Howard Swanwick, as a digital magazine for three issues. It quickly gathered momentum and moved into print in 2008. By 2014 it had become one of the largest surfing magazines in the world, with a large subscriber base and a global audience and contributors.

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Blakkbox feature for Drift Surfing Magazine

During its print life-time, the title was sold in the major UK outlets, including Smiths, Waterstones, Borders, HMV and Virgin.

Alaska feature for Drift Surfing Magazine

The title was sold to Drift Sports Media in 2014.

Exclusively online surfing magazine