byWalski Concept Store

The byWalksi concept store is based in Shoreditch, London. It is the creation of Franck Bywalski, owner of Xtreme Media.

The brief was to create a web design concept store staged around the feel and mood of the Shoreditch community, which is rooted in arts and urban events. The area has a vibrant local action sports scene. The store is intended to carry a large inventory of action sports accessories, including many of the Xsories range. The store will also offer a range of products exclusive to the byWalksi store. The concept store is to hold community-based events, film screenings and core events centering around action sports.

We worked with our designers in Maine, USA to create the concept and then built a WordPress-based content management system with our developers here in Bristol. Our partners have extensive experience in web design concept store, and we worked with them to produce the initial designs.

As part of the project we created a collect-in-store function, allowing customers to order products from partner sites, which could be collected locally in Shoreditch.

Web Design Concept Store for byWalksi