Created by X-Treme Video, the XSories eCommerce website brand is rooted in the extreme sports industry. They have seventeen years of distribution experience, and a broad knowledge of the extreme sports market.

The stores are based upon the Magento eCommerce software, and needed attention to keep them running smoothly. We applied upgrades and patched several glitches before giving the sites a visual dust-down to make them functional and presentable to their growing audience.

We also applied some speed enhancements with minification and improved block cacheing. The site was not hosted with Drift Digital, and was woefully underspecified for a Magento ecommerce website. We recommended to the client that they upgrade the hardware to solid state drives.

Some customers were having trouble with some of the checkout options, and in order to improve the user experience, we fixed some issues with the community edition the client was using and changed the gateway provider. In the lead to Christmas it was vital that the site was stable and the buying experience was not degraded by difficulties with the checkout process.

eCommerce website by Drift Digital